We are a professional organization of psychologists in Kenya

The Kenya Psychological Association, (KPsyA), is a professional organization of psychologists in Kenya. Its membership includes all branches of psychology such as Counseling psychology, Clinical Psychology, Forensic Psychology, Education Psychology and Industrial Psychology.

Study of Psychology

We advance the scientific study and professional practice of psychology

Ethical Practice

We promote ethical practice and suppress malpractice by and among psychologists

Psychological Policy

We consider and advise on any question of psychological policy referred to us

KPsyA Stands for Quality and Accountability in the practice of Psychology in Kenya

Just like medical practice will not sanction someone to do a six-month course in medicine and then open a surgery, so KPsyA lays the same expectations as the rest of the world in the practice of serving the Kenyan population in the area of psychological mental health.

Psychologist Qualification and the Role of KPsyA

KPsyA defines the term Psychologist to include holders of Doctorates in psychology and holders of Masters of Psychology. These are the only levels of qualification that can practice the profession and open clinics. Bachelors degree level can only work within organizations under the supervision of a Masters or doctoral level psychologist.

Professional Standards

KPsyA has a mandate to guide and monitor the professional functions and practice of psychologists in Kenya

Accrediting Practitioners

One of our major roles is accrediting psychologists to practice at their level and within their field of training.

Accreditating Institutions

Accreditation of teaching institutions and practicum sites to ensure content quality, and professional discipline.

KPsyA Membership Registration Eligibility Criteria

KPsyA is open for membership application. We register both individuals (locals and foreigners) and organizations. To be eligible for KPsyA membership, you must meet the set criteria:

Doctoral Degree

You hold a Doctoral degree in a specialized field in Psychology from an accredited academic institution.

Masters Degree

You hold a Masters degree in a specialized field in Psychology from an accredited academic institution

Bachelor's Degree

You hold a Bachelors degree in Psychology from an accredited academic institution.

Currently a Student

A student pursuing Psychology at PhD, Masters or Bachelors level in an accredited academic institution.

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