We are One! PFA Intervention as at 24th September 2013

This Psychological First Aid (PFA) intervention commenced on Sunday September 22 and has been running for two days.

Within these two days, the following has been accomplished:

  1. In response to communication, between Sunday Sept 22 and Monday Sept 23, 198 Psychologists and Counselors have been trained in Psychological First Aid.
  2. Many more Psychologists and Counselors have been waitlisted since the Kenya Red Cross communicated that we can stop and deploy this team first.
  3. Amid the 198 trained helpers are Diploma and Higher Diploma Counselors, BA and MA Counselors and Psychologists and PsyD and PhD Psychologists.
  4. A Coordinating Committee is in place, and these will run the affairs of the whole operation.
  5. An Overall Set-Up Team of three Psychologists was put in placeset up
  6. A Secretariat Team of IT and Logistic Team was set up
  7. A Reporting System was put in place for daily information gathering and handing over reports to Helen Mwanguvia at the Kenya Red Cross

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Responding to: The Nairobi Westgate Mall Attack

On Saturday September 22, gunmen attacked the Nairobi Westgate Mall, killed people and took others hostage. The final liberation of the Mall is almost done by the Kenya Armed Forces. Up to now, 62 people have been reported dead and 170 wounded. The nation is in trauma. However, the unity of Kenyans in disaster has been evidenced once again as thousands turn up for blood donation, provide food, volunteer for services, and comfort one another.

Just like any other disaster, the Westgate Mall disaster struck unexpectedly on beautiful Nairobi on a sunny peaceful Saturday morning. The up scale Mall is a gathering of many and truly reflects Kenyan diversity and hospitality as people from many nations gather to shop, eat and socialize. Last Saturday, the Mall was filled to capacity.

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