Westgate Attack Psychosocial Support Intervention Supervision Progress Report

This supervision progress report presents the experiences of the Leadership Team and the Technical Team that has been working within level 2 of the KRCS and KPA Westgate Terrorist Attack PSS Intervention. It highlights all the meetings, activities, achievements, challenges and recommendations to improve the program over the next three months.

Download the Report Here

KPA Dinner – Chairman’s Speech – Friday Dec 6, 2013

I wish to add that we have moved in leaps and bounds over the last couple of years. The journey is just beginning and this is why we all need to be involved in making this Association bigger and better. We can only grow and thrive if all here: students of psychology, professors, and practitioners; take an active role in growing this Association. Talk about KPA to your friends, engage us in your University: and in this regard, congratulations to KU and Nairobi University for holding psychology student days when many of you joined up as members. “Never ask: What can KPA do for me. Instead ask: What can I do for KPA?”

The entire Speech is available here

South Sudan Crisis PFA to Kenyan

We are currently based at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport offering psychological first aid to the victims of the South Sudan Crisis. We invite all our members who are available to join the team.

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KPA Licensure requirements

Dear Pyschologists and Counselors,

This is to inform you that the Kenya Redcross needs 50 KPA licensed trauma psychologists to be involved in Level 2 and 3 Psychological Support Program post Westgate attack.

The criteria for KPA licensure is available at our Download and Resources page of our website.

  • We shall take the first 50 to obtain their licenses.
  • Check also details for Psychological Clinics/Counseling Centers Licensure.
  • Drop complete applications to KPA office.

Sammy Wambugu, MA

Hon Secretary, KPA

Psychological First Aid Exam on Friday October 25, 2013

Dear Psychologists and Counselors, there will be a Psychological First Aid Exam on Friday October 25, 2013 beginning 9:00 at the St. Andrews Church Main Hall. Charges are Kshs. 1,000 for the Exam and Certificate. Soon after the Exam there will be a Skills for Psychological Recovery. Charges for this training is Kshs. 2,000 for the training and Certificate

Urgent: Psychological Support to Westgate Attack Victims

The Kenya Psychological Association - KPsyA, through lead partners Kenya Red Cross are co-ordinating all counseling and psychological support activities to the victims of the Westage Attack. All psychologists and counsellors who are available for this noble task are requested to get in touch with KPsyA through our office line: +254 718 286 998 and will be directed on how they can get involved.

We currently have 3 support centres located at Visa Oshwal, M.P. Shah Hospital and Aga Khan Hospital.

You may also visit our offices for more information. We are located at Regent Court, Apt B7 Argwings Kodhek Rd, Opposite Nairobi Women's Hospital Hurlingham 

Commonwealth Membership

The Kenya Psychological Association has entered into a contract with Nexus Partnerships from UK to help market our professional services far and wide.

Nexus represents Commonwealth Health Secretariat and basically, exposes the services of mental health workers around the world.

Read more: Commonwealth Membership

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